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We recruit volunteers to join in at different stages of the construction and expand our team with more generous hearts with each mission.

Let's Build My School recruits volunteers to join in and get their hands dirty on site helping to construct classrooms and schools. We work side by side with the local construction teams, learning together, and constantly improving construction techniques and adapting them to the specific site and its particular conditions.

To be part of this exciting experience, please apply through the form below or send it back to us  completed at

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Beyond building physically we built human relations with the local team that would stay with me forever
— Sandra S.
You have to get out of your comfort zone to know what life really is. This is the lesson I learnt in this trip. Life is giving more to others, that makes you grow. Every time you give from your time, you win! In Senegal I won big time!
— Lara E.
It was proper hard work but so much fun!
— Manos C.