Our Team

LBMS was founded in 2016 with a vision of improving educational facilites in underpriviliedged areas. Very quickly, generous and hard working people joined the team. They had the same dreams as ours, building schools in remote areas, and give a chance to every child to have access to education. We like to engage with local communities and enlarge our team to optimize the construction process. We are always on a lookout for similar minds who believe in empowerment through education.

Our team is changing according to each project. We are constantly looking for fresh minds willing to donate their time to look with us for some innovative techniques and solve construction issues on site. We recruit a local team from the village we build in and volunteers chip in at different phases of the construction.


Special thanks to Luke Ritson for capturing some candid moments on our volunteer trip to Senegal


Volunteers Who Helped Us Build At Keur Racine

The Founders