Project 1


Keur Racine

Location: Quartier Dixieme, ThieS
Country: SenEgal
Requirement: 2 Classrooms
Type: Kindergarten
Construction: May-July 2017
Materials: Clay, Tyres


We built two classrooms and one office. The school has now 3 classes of different levels for toddlers: small section "the architects class", the medium section "the engineers" and the big section " the artists". Each level has 20 kids enrolled and is being taught by 2 teachers.

Bassirou Mbacké High School located in Quartier Dixieme, Thiès was built in 1967 when the local community decided to donate parcels of privately owned land to support the educational infrastructure of their village. The high school was composed of 9 classrooms built from concrete, with a critical need for expansion.

LBMS proposed to build two more classrooms to hold up to 62 more students in the school.

Foundation Plan


The school sits on foundations made of two layers of tyres, staggered and filled with compacted clay and sand.



Walls are made of sand-bags filled with locally sourced material. The mix provides natural thermal insulation keeping the classrooms cool.



The walls are wrapped with a metal mesh holding the sand-bag walls together. The mesh provides the required support for the three coating layers of exterior finish.



The roof is built elevated from the walls, leaving a significant gap for natural ventilation, as well as natural light.



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