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Darou Rahmane

LOCATION: Darou Rahmane, Tivaouane Peul
country: Senegal
REQUIREment: 6 Classrooms
type: elementary school


Tivaoune Peul is a town of around 25,000 inhabitants and composed of 20 districts. Darou Rahmane is a very poor district in Tivaoune Peul, where inhabitants have no direct access to either electricity or water. Darou Rahmane has no formal schooling -neither primary nor secondary. The closest school is located in the neighbouring district, a 35 minute walk from Darou Rahmane. Families who can afford it pay the ride for their children on a donkey-drawn cart. Children from less well-to-do families walk to school 4 times daily in the sandy paths. 

 LBMS has submitted a proposal to the local community to build an elementary school composed of six classrooms, a director’s office and toilets facilities. The land belongs to the villagers of Darou Rahmane who donated a piece of their land to build a local school. 

Current Stage

Current Stage

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